10 Things To Be Proud of As a Mom


10460789_10152578934199004_4189923485173347580_n5. You prioritize them.  How many times have you been like, “Hey, I should sign up for Zumba, oh wait, that’s the day Madison has ballet,” or “I want to see something R-rated but I guess we’ll go to that movie with talking penguins?”  Many, many times.  Because self-sacrifice is your thang.

6. You make up special things for them.  Whether this is a nickname, a special song, a banana with a face on it, or whatever else your creative self comes up with.  Because you love seeing them laugh.

7. You make up stuff when it helps your kids out.  Like telling them that a kiss heals a boo boo, or how to get rid of nightmares by changing their mind’s radio station, or that nobody noticed them mess up their lines in the school play.  You lie like a mother.

8. You make holidays special.  Even if they aren’t your thing, you do it up for at least one of them, whether this means buying them a Godzilla costume for Halloween even if it’s $50, or lighting the whole neighborhood up with your house’s Christmas lights, or planting a tree for Arbor Day (if you do that one, you really are Supermom).

9. You take them places.  Parks, playgrounds, festivals, friend’s houses, even to the supermarket.  Kids love places that aren’t their own house.  Why?  Because the 50,000 toys you bought them bore them.

10. You tell them you love them.  And this is the most important one, so if you do it, you can let some of the others slide.  Except that pesky three meals a day thing.  Le sigh.

Dr. Samantha Rodman is a clinical psychologist and mom of three kids under 5. Visit her at Dr. Psych Mom, on Facebook, and on Twitter.




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