10 Things To Be Proud of As a Mom


Proud Mom as Super Mother on Green ScreenMoms are notoriously hard on themselves.  But this article will make you feel better.  Here I’ve outlined things you’re definitely already doing that make you deserve a pat on the back. So if you do all 10 of these activities, I hereby decree that you deserve to order yourself a Supermom mug and fill it with vodka, I mean, decaf coffee.

1. You feed your kids, every single day.  Not just once either, but THREE TIMES.  That’s 1,095 meals per year, per kid.  For real.  And I bet you haven’t ever forgotten to feed them, not even one day a year.  Get on with your bad self, Mom of the Year!

2. You hug your kids.  Even when they vomit on themselves, or on you, or on both you and them.  Even when they bite you, or their sister, or the dog.  You probably hugged them every single day until they got old enough to want you to stop, in which case, you hugged them with your mind, like a Jedi Warrior Mom.

3. You never once said, “I blame you for the lack of muscle in my abdomen, you ex-immense 9 pound fetus.”  And that takes restraint, every time you see yourself in the mirror, and any time your husband lovingly touches what used to be called your waist.

4. You buy them stuff.  Every year for the holidays, and for their birthdays, and for their teeth falling out, and for getting a shot, and just randomly.  Do you know how much money you would have saved if you didn’t do this?  Don’t think about it, you’ll make yourself nauseous.


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