10 Simple Ways To Raise A Reader


6. Cook And Converse

Cooking together includes reading recipes and labels. Talk while cooking, eating meals together, and doing errands. Conversation is a major building block for creating language experience and building vocabulary. Both are necessary to be a good reader.

7. Reward Reading

Praise your child for their reading accomplishments and reinforce good reading habits for future reading success. For example, in our family, we had a set screen time limit for each day for our children. However, for every minute they read, we added a minute onto their screen time. We also took advantage of programs like Book-It; a program that rewards reading with free pizza from Pizza Hut.

8. Create A Book Nook 

raise a readerKids love to build forts and secret places. Help them create a fort (book nook). They can use a sheet to build a tent-like fort. They can use a cardboard box or laundry basket filled with pillows as a book reading boat. The ideas are limitless. Let them use their imagination and provide lots of baskets of books and magazines, and a little space.

9. Role Model

Let your children see you read. Talk about what you are reading. I don’t enjoy reading long books, but I read lots and lots of articles on my phone or tablet. I read magazines. I read “how to” books. I read recipes. I tell my children that I know how to do things, because I read about it.

10. Give Books or Magazine Subscriptions as Gifts

Bonus: We put our T.V. on the closed caption setting so that our children see the words on the screen as they hear them.

The single most important thing you do to raise a reader is read aloud to your child 20 minutes a day. Get started today, and you will raise a reader.

Pamela Hall — Wife. Mom. Teacher. Writer. Education & literacy consultant. Lover of God, cappuccino, and chocolate. Leader. Ordinary with an extraordinary desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others, particularly children. Founder/blogger of Literate For Life.

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