10 Simple Ways To Raise A Reader


The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go. ~ Dr. Seuss

Reading is life. Think about it? How much did you read throughout your day today? Reading is an essential life skill and instilling the love to read is easier than you think.

1. Read Aloud

Read to your child 20 minutes everyday. The benefits are astounding: kids bond with the parent as you read aloud, develop deeper empathy for others, increase vocabulary, build background knowledge creating a better ability to connect to the world, stimulation for the brain, lengthens attention span, and proven to create academic success in school. Additionally, reading aloud to your kids builds memories and fosters a love of learning and literacy.

Read a wide range of genres: biographies, autobiographies, mysteries, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, nursery rhymes, magazines, kids news, etc. Kids love books about animals and science. Kids love books that make them laugh. Serve these and read aloud.

2. Go To The Library

Take advantage of your local library. Go once a week. Today, when I was at the library, I saw an announcement for after school programs such as Lego robotics and science experiments. Getting kids hooked on science leads to reading non-fiction books. Activities are hands-on, fun, and involve reading. (Shh, it is a sneaky way to get kids reading.) When my children were little, they participated in the summer reading programs offered at our local library. They also took a free art class from the library that was 10 times better than the art class I paid for them to attend somewhere else. So, take advantage of your local library and raise a reader.

3. Create A Print Rich Environment

Have books, magazines, and tablets with reading apps, comics, and newspapers available everywhere. (We even have a magazine rack in the bathroom.) Having reading materials everywhere makes them accessible and puts an emphasis on reading.

4. Read For Information (A Life Skill)

Encourage your child to read things all around such as product labels when shopping, the grocery list, and recipes. Show your child how to look up phone numbers and businesses by category and name. Read directions to a game together. When you make reading life applicable, you raise a reader.

5. Play Games

Games build thinking skills, memory, and sequencing skills which are all vital skills for reading comprehension. Play board games and card games. Do word searches together. Do hidden picture puzzles together. All these games increase visual discrimination, vocabulary, and attention span which lead to being able to read well.


    • Nicole,
      That is super. Keep up the great reading; your children’s academics will soar.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      Together, we make a positive difference ~ one word at a time. 🙂


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