10 Free Family Fun Activities to Beat Summertime Blues


It’s summertime!  The kids are out from school and soon the boredom will set in.  Why spend a fortune on activities to keep them busy?  There is no need to let admission fees to local zoos and museums add up.  It’s time to start some summertime adventures for your family without hurting the wallet.  Here are 10 family fun activities you can have with you family this summer vacation for free!

image provided by ABSFreePic
image provided by ABSFreePic

1. Family Game Night – It is time to pull out those stacks of board games you have stashed away in the closet.  Order some takeout and enjoy a night in with your family playing good old fashion games.  If there are some family friendly video game options, place those on the agenda as well.

2. Backyard Fun – Remember frolicking in those sprinklers as a kid? Well now its time to share the tradition with the family.  Turn your backyard into a water play land.  Let the kids run in the sprinklers, have a water gun fight, and pull out that slip n’ slide if you have one.  Kick the escapades up a notch and build an obstacle course throughout the yard for some more competitive fun.

3. Have a Park Day – Take the kids to the park. Let them have fun on the slides and swings.  Take a picnic basket and enjoy lunch on the grass.  Take the family hiking around the scenic area.  Also stop to enjoy some art time while the family decorates some sidewalk areas with chalk.

4. Have a Movie Marathon – Every family has a stash of family friendly movies lying around. Pick a theme like monster mash up and enjoy all the movies that fit the category. Let each member pick one movie of their choice that fits the theme. Pop some popcorn and enjoy an array of candies while the whole family enjoys films from the classics to the cartoons.  If your able (and have the technology on hand) make it an outdoor activity.  Show the movie on the big screen and create your own drive in within your backyard.


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