10 Easy Ways For Busy Moms to Live A Healthier Life


Chica rubia con jersey verde abriendo los brazos al cieloLiving a healthier life is a conscious choice, but moms are busy and it can be tough for them to juggle all of their responsibilities each day. With a proper plan, living healthy is attainable–and even fun! Sometimes, it’s necessary to step back and take an assessment of what works and what needs some tweaking. 

Check out these 10 easy ways for living a healthier life:

1.    Make a meal plan.  Families who are busy tend to eat on the go.  Grab-and-go eating makes it tough to maintain health goals, so sit down each week to make a meal plan.  Shop with a list and stick to it.  Also spend some time over the weekend doing prep work so cooking dinner doesn’t eat up all of your family time each evening.

2.    Drink plenty of water.  Our bodies need water to maintain a healthy temperature, to stay properly hydrated to keep your system regular.  Water washes toxins out of our bodies and helps us maintain good health, so skip sugary drinks and incorporate infused water into your daily diet.  Adding some fresh berries, lemon, or cucumber will also make water more refreshing.

3.    Unplug from technology and keep moving.  Kids follow their parents’ example when it comes to watching television, playing video games, and exercising.  Limit the amount of time you and your family participate in technology-based activities.  Plan time each day to be active with your kids, as even 30 minutes a day makes a difference.

4.    Take time to relax.  Find time each week to unwind and refresh.  Read a book, take a long bath, or go for a hike.  It’s important to refuel your energy level to maintain proper mental health.  Taking care of yourself is vital when you have a family to care for.

5.    Find time for fun!  Enjoy a hobby that enables you to grow, such as taking a creative writing class, learning to paint, or taking a pottery class.  It’s important to participate in activities that enhance your quality of life. 

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Fitness & Health Expert Alisa Wyatt is the founder of Athleticulture.com and Pilatesology, a new website providing online Pilates classes that help you transform your body and your wellbeing. She lives the philosophy that health and fitness is a way of life and shares it by educating parents and other busy people on ways to relax, tips on carving out time to exercise, and healthy, active family activities. www.pilatesology.com


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