Tips For A Successful Budget In The New Year


FinanceEvery year my husband and I sit down and re-evaluate our budget. We almost never agree on how to spend or save our money. But what couple does? Discussing finances is never a favourite topic in many relationships. I know in my marriage it’s a topic that can be dreaded and put on the back burner again and again. That’s why we start the discussion in December. And although we don’t always agree where to put our money, it’s important. It keeps us on the same page financially. This can keep us both accountable and on track with our financial goals.

As much as my husband and I try, we veer off our budget — a lot. Life does happen. I don’t think that anyone can fully prepare for everything that life hands you. In 2014 it seemed like every month we had literally hundreds of dollars a month extra to cover. We had unexpected vet bills, health care costs, car repairs, house repairs, and so on.  All you can do is prepare the best you can by saving and budgeting.

Some of the things that my husband and I look at when making our yearly budget are goals, income, and expenses.


  1. This year I’ve already decided to budget out Starbucks until I finish physical therapy! I can’t budget out food, but I need to coupon better.

    Unexpected costs can never be planned. This year I paid over $5,000 in medical bills due to my knee surgery, two cars decided to hit me on the freeway, plus the medical bills associated with that, vet bills, and my puppy had to be boarded for a week while I recovered … and then he managed to scratch his cornea outside. :-/ Oh, and then my child grew three inches in two months.

    None of that was fun for this single momma!

    Good luck in 2015!


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