Real Parenting Lab

Dr. Fry and Dr. Ferrari are thrilled to join forces with their inspiring vision Real Parenting Lab – an international platform by Real Psychologists, using Real Science to overcome Real Life Conundrums so that future generations are equipped to live great lives and uncover their ultimate potential.
By day they are Clinical Psychologists, by morning, noon and night they are grateful students of life.

Whether they’re teaching at universities, providing psychological treatment in their thriving private practice, speaking to school, community or multimedia audiences, and writing articles or books, Dr. Fry and Dr. Ferrari { #TheDrFs } are devoted to sharing what they know. They are committed to providing pathways for others to live their best lives; and to help the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of today’s generation with the know-how to live their best lives as well.

The Real Parenting Lab Psychologists - we are both Moms first and Mompreneurs second. Balancing giving and receiving at home and at the office is a juggling match that we find a worthwhile challenge. We have both had successful counselling and consulting practices for years and have recently come together to form a group practice of psychologists and counsellors (the Vancouver Psychology Centre) and have launched an online business which will be hosting the sales and promotion of our upcoming (launch = April 2015) parenting book, free parenting informational videos {based on psychological research + our clinical experience} and parenting e-courses (upcoming). Getting up at 6 am, working all day at our 'day jobs', spending a few hours with family and then, after our kids are in bed: carrying on with emails, Skype calls and phone meetings until midnight ... it's become our 'normal' rhythm. Skimping out on workouts, social time and pretty much anything else besides family and work has been a reality in the last couple of years. It's been a challenge up until now. We - of course ARE our 'product'. Until recently, when we have used our considerable connections to promote the practice of the new hand-selected associates that have joined our clinic, - if we don't work {i.e.. provide therapy and assessment 1:1 in our offices}, we don't generate income and cannot provide for our families. With our considerable knowledge, experience and work ethic - we are confident we can add to our lives and the lives of others in a new and enriched way. We are confident that the hundreds of hours of research, writing and promoting of our upcoming book will be worthwhile in creating an amazingly powerful 'product' which will allow for passive income for us and global knowledge and useful how-to's for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers and anyone who has anything at all to do with children. Our intention is still to continue on with our 'day jobs' - but that we can take some days off, be with our kids more and have less of the midnight shifts for meetings and business details. We love what we do and how we can help people. It's been crazy. It's been beautiful. It's been fun. And it's just beginning. #TheDrFs


Phone: 604-733-7709

Location: British Columbia






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