Jan Moyer

Not going to floss. Not going to worry about it.


When you are a new parent and reside in the land of endless night feeds and constant diaper changes, you’re told it get’s easier. “Don’t worry, this time goes quickly, you’ll get through it.” The truth is it does and it doesn’t. Get easier, I mean. Yes, babies become more predictable and gradually more independent. Toddlers become potty-trained and […]


Mom, Dad, I know you try hard to make lunches for school that we will enjoy. You aim for a balance between fun and healthy, we get that. Sometimes you hit a home run and others, well, not so much. Yet every time you want to know why we didn’t finish the lunch you packed. […]


Enjoy each moment, they go by so quickly. Savor those cuddles, before you know it they won’t want to hug anymore. Don’t blink – they grow up so fast. I listened to those wiser, more experienced moms. I heeded the words of grandmothers in grocery stores who doted on my newborn offspring (except for the […]