Sue Parke

Sue is a stay at home mom with a huge passion for all things health and fitness. She enjoys being active, cooking, writing, singing and spending time with her family. She is a blogger and freelance writer, and is currently working towards becoming a certified spin instructor and creating her own business.


Remember when you were a kid, and any and all poop talk was nothing short of hilarious? Then again, let’s be honest here, all things poop and farting still get quite the chuckle, even in adulthood – just think about how many movies you’ve laughed your fanny off in at an embarrassing poop scene. Poop, […]


I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy, and my daughter was born less than 24 hours after my last workout. A barre class to be exact, which is by far one of my favorite forms of strength training and toning these days. Whether it was barre, walking, hiking, snow shoeing or spinning, I kept moving my […]