Lyndsay is a single mum to her two year old son who has cow's milk protein allergy and is soya intolerant. She is dairy & wheat intolerant and blogs @ to help others.


Dear parents, I’m happy that you take your children to soft play centres, I really am.  But when you let them run back into the soft play area, with their half eaten food dropping bits of it all over the show, you need to understand how this can and does affect other children.  You see […]


Last week I took my son to his favourite park in Manchester, he loves this particular park as there is also a farm there, meaning he gets to see the animals too.  There is also an ice cream van there which is really annoying (he has cow’s milk protein allergy) but he will settle for […]


I have been an allergy parent now for over two years and as food allergies are constantly on the increase, I want to raise awareness and try to give other parents an understanding of just how us allergy parents feel on a daily basis and at social gatherings. I started writing and it turned into […]