The story stars with Peter abandoned at an orphanage as an infant, wearing a pan pipe necklace. Twelve years later he’s become a brave, cocky boy, stuck in a terrible orphanage…from which he’s kidnapped by pirates, who carry him off to Neverland. But no one can mistake this for a rescue—the pirates, led by Captain […]


In the first Hotel Transylvania movie, Dracula’s daughter Mavis fell in love with a human boy, Johnny—so it makes perfect sense that in Hotel Transylvania 2, Johnny and Mavis now have a son. But Dennis is approaching his fifth birthday, and shows no sign of being able to fly or turn into a bat—his baby […]


Shaun the Sheep just wants a day off from the farm’s routine. Unfortunately, his plan for getting that day off ends up with their beloved farmer being carried off to the big city, and then to the hospital with a head injury. The sheep soon discover that they need their farmer, and travel to the […]