Stacy Edwards is a trucker’s daughter and a pastor’s wife. She is a writer for various magazines and Christian blogs, a sought after speaker and homeschooling mom to five fabulous little girls. Stacy is also the author of Devotions From the Front Porch to be released January 2016 by Thomas Nelson. If you need her, she is probably hiding in the bathroom.


I get the question all of the time. How do you handle five kids?!? My response to that is this: How do you handle not having five kids?!? Because, here’s the thing. My three bigs are at Yaya’s house and that leaves me with just the two littles. It should seem like light duty, right? […]


We want to give our children the world. I get it. We want them to have more, do more and be more. Sometimes, however, what we give them is a temporary high that can never fully satisfy. We buy them things that, in five years, they will never remember. Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice […]


I’m going to admit some things that only another mama would understand. I get lonely. That doesn’t make sense to some people because, for crying out loud, I am never alone. Not when I shower. Not when I go to sleep. Not when I wake up. Not when I use the restroom. Not when I’m […]


Every mom fears being a bad mom. It is an area of insecurity that we all have in common. Just this week, for example, I was almost in tears as I wrapped my daughter’s birthday presents on the morning of her birthday {because I am forever running behind} with masking tape {because I am forever […]


Moms are amazing. Moms are courageous. Moms are the cradle rockers who rule the world. Moms are also liars. Here are 5 lies moms often tell to others and themselves. I would love to play (fill in the blank) with you. My kids come up with the craziest games. Just the other day, one of them […]


After ten years of being a working mom, God opened the door for me to fulfill my dream of staying home with my babies. My head was filled with visions of morning cups of coffee while children sat contently watching Sesame Street.  My home was going to be tidy and welcoming and we would have […]


  I would like to say that I saw it coming. I would love for you to think that I had rehearsed it all in my head and I knew exactly what I was going to say. The truth, however, is that I was living in a fantasy world where my children would always believe […]


Speaking of phony, what are your thoughts on generic brands? Because I don’t really mind them. I’m all about saving some grocery money. So, I will buy the Smacker’s grape jam or the Not-quite-a-miracle whip. I learned the hard way, however, that there is no substitute for a good ol’ fashioned pizza roll. I even […]


My first three babies were great sleepers. I’m talking sleep through the night at ten weeks old kind of sleepers. I’m not gonna lie – it. was. awesome. Then, I had baby number last 4. That sweet babe of mine did not sleep for more than 45 minutes at a time for nine months. Then, […]