Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head

Toddlers won’t go to sleep? Unique lullaby Cd of lyrics, that talk about sleep, and same melody instrumental that
relaxes into deep sleep. Plus merchandise to help parents create a positive and fun bedtime experience. The 3
r’s to get sleep are; Routine…use the sleeping Polar bear as a special sleep toy. Sleepy Head TED gives cuddles
and is dressed in his pyjamas. Children can wear PJ’s to match TED. Re-connection..this Cd encourages parents
to sing, pat, rock…positive comfort measures that help children feel safe and loved. Only then, when they are
anxiety free can they Relax. The instrumental is very soothing…parents can sing along as well, and guides
children into deeper relaxation. Cd soon to be available also as a digital download.

Addressing my 'empty nest' syndrome, I decided to have another baby and 21 years later he was born. Deciding to homeschool, I set out to learn piano, when he was two. By then well and truly back at work, and working night shift as a neonatal nurse, he would take hours to settle to sleep, and I was severely sleep deprived. He was also a baby cat napper! I composed a lullaby one evening, he was then three, tried it out on him and magic! Other mums also tried it and same result. Self funded from my nursing wage I created and developed the merchandise and co-arranged the unique Cd. Travelled to China to find a manufacturer and spent over three years in the development of Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head with no previous business experience. All up had to learn about the music, toy and clothing industries. Turning to my medical science roots to research just why this CD and merchandise works over other products or sleep methods, I see that children, from babies to grade school need the 3 R's. Parents are able to develop a positive sleep association that has children sleeping independently, quickly. Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head is a resource that parents can use whenever children find they cannot relax to sleep.


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Location: Australia






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