LiL Independent Mindz

LiL Independent Mindz is a new and improved boys’ line of graphic t-shirts that focuses on inspirational and positive messages on clothing. There are many boys’ apparel with graphics, and fancy text. None of them solely focuses on using positive words consistently and using them to not only empower young boy’s minds but also make them feel good about themselves and what they have on.

I have a 7 year old son and when I would go clothes shopping with him, I always saw shirts that had rap lyrics, skulls and bones and etc. I said to myself it would be nice if they had something for boy that carries positive words on them. I like to do typography images so I said why don't I incorporate that on shirts and wall art. My target demographic is boys ages 4 to 12, that seems to be the time where they go through the most. My clothing is for everyone but I do want t0 target young boys of color. I want to reach out to them the because they go through the most in life unfortunately. I want to feel good abut what they have on I want them to see positive images of people who look just like them. This is what inspire me to start a online clothing store for boys only.


Phone: 917-553-2284

Location: New York






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