How to Have an Awesome Marriage in the Midst of Full Time Parenting


Untitled design (10)One of the best things you can do for your children involves having a healthy marriage. Children learn about trust, respect, love, family and relationships by observing how their parents treat each other. Children who have parents that love and respect each other are more likely to have healthy relationships in their adult years.

Having children can bring couples closer together, and it can bring them farther apart. The path one takes is due in part to the effort put into the marriage and the desire to keep it alive. Children take up time. In fact, they take up so much time that it can be hard to find even an hour of alone time with your spouse where you’re not talking about bills, kids, schedules and food.

A telltale sign that your marriage is in need of some attention is how you interact with your spouse when you do get a chance to spend uninterrupted time together. If you are given three hours together and are not allowed to talk about work, kids, finances or schedules, would you be able to do it? Would it be a challenge? Would it lead to an argument?

If you desire to have an awesome marriage that is filled with love, laughter, trust, respect, romance, security and excitement then now is the time to work on your marriage. Don’t wait until the kids are off at college and you barely know each other. Time, work, and the kids cannot be used as an excuse to put your marriage first.


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