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Moms only have 2 hands. Solve your “on demand fetch routine” with a bib or blanket that’s leash allows toys or pacifiers to be attached. Freckle Baby products are all 100% ORGANIC COTTON with ORGANIC DYE. The bibs have really hip prints on the front and back so if a mess happens you can always turn the bib around. Since the leash attaches from the back the toy hangs either way baby wear’s the bib.

I'm innately aware of the daily challenges a mother with young children faces. I know there is not a solution for every obstacle when raising babies, nevertheless, I believe eliminating one, frees you up to take on the others. With four boys, 5 years and younger I am accustomed to chasing after toddlers, strollers, tricycles and even our english bulldog (Sumo). Like all moms I only have 2 hands and with all the necessary items I need to grab, gather and hold; I was exhausted chasing after the pacifiers and toys my 6 month was constantly dropping. Not to mention, that once the toy hits the foul floor; be it the gym, grocery store and or park; its now time to clean it up. After 40 times in one day all the pacifiers and toys are dirty, mom is exhausted totally defeated, and baby is miserable. Freckle Baby products solve baby's unhappy dilemma. By attaching a leash with a snap to a bib, as well as a blanket. Now baby's favorite toy or pacifier can be attached. No more lost pacifiers in the van! No more unhappy grocery trips because the toy fell.


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