Your Baby Has a Food Allergy – Now What?


Feeding Time For BabyA food allergy can appear in your newborn baby as soon as you bring her home. The first feeding with formula can include something that your baby is allergic to and this may occur on the first day you are home or months later. Food allergies can appear when you start feeding your baby solid foods or the purees that come just before real solid foods. When an allergic reaction happens in a baby, the result can be terrifying or it may be something that’s not very noticeable, or even mistaken for something else. Know the signs of allergic reactions and pay close attention to your baby’s eating and digesting habits to more easily figure out what kinds of allergies your baby may have.

Allergies to Formula

This is, of course, the first kind of allergy that you will likely discover in your baby. When she doesn’t want to eat, you might wonder if she is particularly fussy or if there is something else wrong. The allergy can appear as a digestive issue or the reaction may be more severe in the form of rashes or respiratory problems. If your baby has trouble breathing or is in a lot of pain when digesting, seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Hypoallergenic Foods and Formulas

You’ve heard of hypoallergenic pillows, linens, soaps, shampoos, and even pets. Did you know that there are also hypoallergenic baby formulas and foods? If your baby has reactions to many different types of formula and you’re becoming weary wondering if he will ever find the right kind of nutrition for his body, try looking for a hypoallergenic formula. These kinds of mixtures are made to suit many different types of allergies so that, even if your baby suffers from more than one, the formula shouldn’t bother him.


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