AdoptionEngine LLC

Adoption Engine helps connect U.S. adopters to searching birthmothers via the internet sites and social media they already use. We did it ourselves and we want to help you through your adoption journey.

Our goal is to help you more easily find your domestic birthmother match using the laser targeting of internet advertising and the broad reach of social networks.

Our strategic digital marketing efforts extend your parent profile website and contact information to the far reaches of the internet, beyond the printed penny-savers and traditional print campaigns. Parent Profiles are everywhere. What makes your stand-alone adoptive parent profile website stand out? The vast majority of people don’t think to seek out birthmothers through a comprehensive social media strategy, nor do they see the value. We create a custom digital campaign for you, based on your adoption goals, providing increased opportunities for finding your expectant birthmothers via the internet and its broad reach.

I was in advertising and design for 20+ years. I recently made the leap to put my skills and marketing knowledge to use for the good of the adoption community over corporations. I chose to change tracks after seeing friends struggle with the all-encompassing private adoption process, a process I triumphed through myself with my spouse not so long ago. We put in a lot of effort, but were quickly successful. I want to share the secret of that success with others. My background in cross-platform advertising, design, project management, and love of social media have all converged to help you, people like me, who want to grow your family through adoption. I am here to help you to connect with birthmothers where they spend their time – on the internet and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. I believe that every child deserves and will find a loving home – it’s just a matter of stars aligning and your birthmother seeing your ad, and connecting with your adoption profile website, your amazing personal content, and choosing to make an adoption plan with you. It can happen. We did it, and you can too. You just need to share a little of your personality with the world so everyone can see how great, loving and caring you are, and what a great parent you are/will be!


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